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Peter B. Collins and Jay Diamond:  Sadly, both shows are currently off the air.  Below is our promotional audio and information about the two hosts.
For the latest on Peter B. Collins, including Peter's podcasts and TV show, please visit:

Peter B. Collins: Live, M-F, nationally syndicated, Jones 1 Left,
3P-6P Pacific.
24/7 Availability by Affiliate Relations Agreement.

You've certainly heard Peter all over for three the Bay Area on KGO, KNBR, KSFO, in chicago on WLS-FM, and most recently, in syndication from San Francisco and flagship station KRXA-AM 540 Monterey. Peter is the regular substitute for Thom Hartmann, and has also filled in for Ed Schultz and Jon Elliott. Peter is part owner of KRXA-AM 540, and sole owner of Collins Media Services.

Peter is progressive, but as a registered independent, is never afraid to criticize either party. Even when listeners of either political persuasion disagree, they love Peter's sense of humor and friendly on-air style. Peter interviews guests from both sides of the political spectrum, and the show is ideal for both "conservative" and "liberal" stations.

Listen to our demo, and I guarantee you'll want to ad Peter to your lineup. Currently, we're encouraging stations to ad the program weekends and overnights, due to scheduling conflicts with other hosts in the same time period (3P-6P Pacific). So far, our strategy has been a success, with Seattle and Portland on weekends, and San Francisco overnights.

Here's What Program Directors are saying about the Peter B. Collins show!

"Peter B. Collins has a larger following here than our other progressive talkers. We get a lot of phone calls. When he comes to town, hundreds turn out to see him.

Peter has a broader appeal than most talk show
hosts, and our advertisers know this. I have had to shorten my afternoon news casts just to fit them all in!"

-Tom Sebourn, PD/KGOE-AM (1480)/Eureka, California

Click Here for the Official Peter B. Collins Web Site!

Click Here for the Peter B. Collins Demo CD (MP-3, 1:14:00, 17MB, 32kbps)

NEW! Click Here to listen to Peter's Interview with Rory O'Connor, author of the new book "Shock Jocks: Hate Speech and Talk Radio." Listen to Rory and callers discuss problems with controversial talk hosts on BOTH the right AND the left! (6/2/08, MP-3, 42:30, 10.2MB, 32kbs)

Click Here for the Peter B. Collins Archives, Hour by Hour, from KKGN-AM 960, San Francisco

Watch Peter B. Collins Interview Former South Dakota Senator Tom Daschle at the Talk Radio News Service Families USA January 2008 Radio Row - Click Here

KRXA-AM (540) Monterey/Salinas/Santa Cruz Flagship Station for the *Peter B. Collins* Show

*Peter B. Collins* Affiliates as of April 19, 2008 and 12+ Population (courtesy of Radio and Records)

*KKGN-AM (San Francisco) 5,900,000
*KPTK-AM (Seattle) 3,300,000
*KPOJ-AM (Portland) 2,100,000
*KRXA-AM (Monterey/Santa Cruz) 500,000
*KBSR-AM (Billings, MT) 119,000
*KGOE-AM (Eureka, CA) n/a
*KBBR-AM (Coos Bay, OR) n/a
*KMPT-AM (Missoula, MT) n/a


Jay has an incredible resume with 20+ years in radio in NYC on WABC, WOR, and WEVD, and in Boston on WRKO. Jay also serves as the regular, and extremely popular, substitute for Alan Colmes on FOX News Radio. Jay also serves as a fill-in host on Free FM. On the DEMO CD from January 10, 2008, you'll hear Jay review the Republican National Debate, and you'll enjoy Jay's impressions of Ronald Reagan and Fred Thompson! Jay is available for hosting weekend or daily programs. E-mail us and I guarantee that Jay will revolutionize your lineup!

Click Here to Listen to Jay Diamond - Hour 1 (27:02) 32kpbs

Click Here to Listen to Jay Diamond Hour 2 (35:23) 32kbps


Who Are We?

Before the crash of progressive talk radio that began in 2008, Talk Radio USA used to provide progressive talk show hosts with promotions, sales, and affiliate relations. I was working on syndication and sales for the Peter B. Collins show. We work to find live, caller-driven, passionate, and entertaining talk 24:7, to maximize listener participation and TSL.

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